The app

The inCORPUS® mobile App connects with any heart-rate sensor to measure and analyze your physiological profile and eventually detect states of fatigue. Results are delivered instantly to your mobile and accessible to your coach and staff.

inCORPUS® enables sport professionals such as Elite Football, Rugby and Basket Teams to monitor objectively their players physiological response to training load. The app provides a novel and unique outcome measure to adapt training and ultimately prevent injuries by better managing fatigue episodes.

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The dashboard

inCORPUS® Dashboard is our web interface for professional Coaches, Physical and Medical Staff. It provides a rapid overview of Team squads’ physiological profiles and access to all the data that matters.

The Dashboard is your new daily companion tool to help making training decision. It comes with a slick interface and is packed with features such as fatigue alerts, notifications, players and tactical formation comparison, detailed HRV metrics, and accounts management settings.

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The inCORPUS® fatigue identification solution is a best-in-class HRV
Algorithm based on the result of 20+ years of research by top experts


InCORPUS® identifies 8 unique profiles, 3 “non-Fatigue” and 5 “Fatigue”, tailored to each user’s baseline


Fatigue can be assessed objectively by analyzing the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System (SNS & PNS) modulations on the heart


There are over 11’000 scientific publications referencing HRV, and 18 specifically to inCORPUS® methodology


With our state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, we have already analyzed over 60’000 checkups


Only 10 minutes weekly is required to assess reliably player’s fatigue.


Using patent-pending AI, the CUBE evaluates user’s profile and predicts upcoming fatigue
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Trusted by top-tier Teams and Athletes

With our state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure and technology stack, we’ve already analyzed over 60’000 checkups from the most demanding clients and athletes. This includes Olympians, Football premiere league teams and national teams, Tour-de-France cycling teams and many more.

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