inCORPUS® is at the crossroads between elite sports, physiology, signal processing and academic knowledge. It was created by unifying these four branches in one single goal. inCORPUS® quickly became an essential tool for training optimization, performance improvement and injury prevention.

Physiology and its signification for performance are two key aspects of inCORPUS®, but it would not be as efficient without cutting edge signal processing algorithms.

Nicolas, expert in exercise physiology

Nicolas Bourdillon received his PhD in physiology in 2009, fond of mountaineering and elite sports, his work demonstrated that physical performances of an athlete are more affected by altitude than those of a sedentary person. Multiple research experiences follow, in Montpellier about cerebral oxygenation, in Geneva, USA and Bolivia with the AltitudeOmics expedition which, after several weeks spent at 17.000 feet, demonstrated that adaptative mechanisms to altitude persist upon return to sea level. Shortly after, the Jungfraujoch expedition demonstrated the differences between real and simulated altitude, especially on performance and baroreflex.

During those expeditions, an enormous quantity of data had been recorded, which could not be explored without a cutting-edge expertise in biomedical signal processing. The meeting with Sasan Yazdani, at this time PhD candidate at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), triggered a fruitful collaboration and essential exploration of these data.

Nicolas joined becare SA in 2018 to develop research on exercise physiology, elite performance, and anchor inCORPUS® on its scientific bases.

Sasan, expert in biomedical signal processing

Sasan Yazdani received his PhD in electrical engineering and bio-medical signal processing in 2018, from EPFL, Switzerland. Coming from a computer science background, Sasan has honed his expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning. His love of helping people and improving their quality of life drove him to the field of bio-medical signal processing for his PhD. Sasan is an expert of heart signals and has developed several cardiac health monitoring solutions, suitable for home monitoring scenarios as well as applications in intensive care units (ICU), both during his PhD and professional experience. Naturally through working with heart signals he became an expert on heart rate variability, e-health, and smart health monitoring solutions.  

Sasan joined SA in 2019 and has been primarily working on enhancing inCORPUS® as well as developing innovative solutions that can provide inCORPUS® with the attention it deserves.

The collaboration

Data and algorithm exchanges in physiology and signal processing quickly gave the excpected results with 6 published scientific articles. Sasan, using advanced signal processing techniques allows to answer the questions raised by the databases collected by Nicolas. The two scientific fields are necessary and complementary to give meaning to the data and transform the academic knowledge into a daily solution.  

inCORPUS®, physiology and signal processing

inCORPUS® is a highly performing tool resulting from signal processing, physiology, and academic knowledge. The whole was put into algorithms and automatized but remained close to the physiological realities and the needs of elite sports. Today, it is the only tool able to measure the athletes’ internal load and classify it into height energy profiles which give a simple but scientifically proven solution, practically approved by our clients for training optimization performance improvement and injury prevention.

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Nicolas Bourdillon
Chief Research Officer – PhD in Physiology